Allo doctors: How to treat bad breath?

Date: 31/05/2018 / Author: Ms Cẩm

I suffer from bad breath, tooth decay, so I do not spit anymore. I'm afraid to contact people, customers. Do you have any help?

 How to prevent and treat bad breath


 Bad breath makes you not confident in communication and life

Answer:  Bad breath (halitosis), or foul-smelling breath is common in many men and women. Bad breath is not serious, but it affects the attitudes, behaviors and psychology of communication, affecting both the work of the patient.

The Reasons of halitosis

1. Teeth - mouth

Odor is from sulfur-derived chemicals such as hydrogen sulfide, methyl mercaptan, dimethyl sulfide. These sulfides are due to the breakdown of proteins by oral micro-organisms, in the following cases: 

- When food left in the mouth or between teeth is separated by bacteria, it produces a foul odor. 

Infections in the gums, tooth roots, around the neck ... 

- Many deep teeth have broken in the pulp or dental cavities are convenient for bacteria to shelter, proliferate and cause disease. 

- Plaque attached to the root is a good environment for bacteria to enter and bring to bad breath. 

Tongue inflammation and food sticking to the surface of the tongue or grooves of tongue cracking is a good environment for bacteria to break down proteins that create odors.

Mouth dry when saliva is reduced. Saliva is responsible for keeping the cheek, tongue, lips, moisturizer, saliva in yeast helps digestion, reduce pH changes in the mouth. When acidity is high, bacteria multiply. 

There are several causes for dry mouth: salivary gland dysfunction, facial nerve paralysis (nerve 7), oral breathing due to nasal congestion or by habit, in the elderly, menopause or in diseases General disorders such as diabetes, neurological disease, postoperative radiotherapy of head and neck area ... 

Some medications such as hypotension, tranquilizers, anti-allergy medications, dysmenorrhea, depression, schizophrenia, amphetamines , diuretics ... also reduce saliva in the mouth. 

Most cigarettes are strong cigarettes such as cigars, pipes, and pipes that also reduce saliva to odors from the mouth.

2. Nose - sinus

Sinus sinusitis, chronic sinusitis, sinusitis, especially sinusitis caused by bad breath, even cause discomfort to people around him when approaching.

Nausea nasal polyps, such as nasal polyps, cancer, papillary neoplasia, also cause bad breath.

The ear nose is the small child that causes bad breath or foul odor on one side.

Seborrheic seborrhea in the nose. This usually causes foul smelling when the patient develops nasal congestion or nasal discharge to the nasal glands in the nasal or nasal opening to open out nose foul. Rarely, people around smell this odor.

3. Throat - lower throat

Acute pharyngitis.

Acidosis of one or both sides. The most chronic form of chronic tonsillitis.

Throat cancer - lower throat.

4. Types of pathology

Diseases from the lungs, esophagus - stomach, liver, intestines such as inflammation, gastric reflux, cancer also cause bad breath.


Smelly breath is a warning sign of disease in the body

5. Eating and drinking

Some foods contain odor-like oils such as garlic, onions, flavored vegetables, alcoholic beverages, and carbonated beverages. These foods are then absorbed, then the volatile essential oils under the breath fly out the nose, even the sweat on the body.

6. Chronic diseases

Liver failure, kidney failure, diabetes, tuberculosis, AIDS cause bad breath .

7. Some people suffer from depression

Thinking of being bad breath leads to behavior change, attitude when communicating (covering mouth, turning face, chewing candy continuously, spraying medicine to mouth ...) makes many people pay attention to their strange behavior, Although they do not actually have bad breath or bad odor on their bodies.

8. A very rare case

Fish odor syndrome, for example, emanates from the mouth and skin. Longing for hunger or lack of food also causes bad breath due to ketone odors due to imbalance metabolism of substances like fat and protein. Hormonal changes during ovulation and menstruation also lead to bad breath in some women. 
Methods of measuring bad breath

Objective: Patient sitting opposite the examiner, nose covered by mouth breathing for a few minutes. If there is a smell, the source is from the mouth. Then the patient sucked his nose out. If you smell from both your mouth and nose, it can be due to a general illness. 

+ Subject: The patient feels himself by exposing his hand to his mouth and then smelling it.

Patient or examiner smells on dental floss after tooth decay. 

+ In some modern dental clinics and dental clinics, it is possible to measure the level of foulness in the mouth with Halimeter, Halitest also applies.


Bad breath should be examined to determine the cause as well as to provide timely treatment


Depending on the cause of bad breath, there will be appropriate treatment.

1. Causes of oral health

+ Need to pay attention to the problem of oral hygiene.

Brush your teeth after eating.

+ Get clean all the food left in the mouth, interdental teeth. 

+ Dental floss (tooth floss) to clean the food stuck there. 

+ To treat cavities, gingivitis, diseases in the mouth. 

Keep your mouth moist by drinking water. 

If the tongue is shaved, avoid tongue injury.

+ If the denture should be properly cleaned.

Make regular dental visits every 6 months to remove plaque and dental disease. 

2. Treatment of ear nose and throat diseases such as rhinitis, sore throat, cut amidan ...

3. Treatment of gastrointestinal diseases such as stomach pain, hepatitis, colitis and other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Avoid foods that can cause bad breath in your mouth. Eat more fruits and vegetables; Limit meat and fat, avoid the heavy cheese. Avoid drinking too much alcohol, tobacco ...

Fragrant products containing peppermint or wintergreen oil only work to relieve bad breath shortly after use, rather than cure it.


Aromatic sprays can not treat the root of bad breath

Mouth rinses should be used in the evening as the time when bacteria are active. Mouth rinses with chlohexidine gluconate or cetylpyridinium chloride, benzethonium chloride, sodium bicarbonate, zinc chloride are good.

Bad breath is a disease that has many physical causes. However, there are cases where the subjective perception and amplification of the patient cause isolation, isolation from others because of fear of communication. You need to visit a health care provider and experienced health professional to determine the condition.

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