Cases should be treated with dental implants

Date: 13/02/2020 / Author: Mr Tuấn

Dental implant placement is no longer a foreign concept to people because of the great benefits that this method brings. However, not everyone knows when you should have dental implants. Seeing that this is a subject that needs to be clarified, Nhan Tam Dental Clinic would like to share some information to help you better understand this method of dental restorations.

Cases should be treated with dental implants

Dental implants and its cases are some of the aspects you should know before deciding to choose this method to restore missing teeth, to best protect dental health. Here are some cases you should have dental implants:

Missing one tooth or multiple non-adjacent teeth: placing implant fixtures in any position with missing teeth, then securing dental crowns on top

Implants placement is effective for cases with one tooth or multiple non-adjacent teeth missing

Missing two adjacent teeth: In this case, usually, it would be treated with two implant fixtures and two dental crowns. In some cases, it would be treated with bridgework with one implant fixture and one supporting real tooth to save costs. Of course, the supporting tooth must be rigid for this to work and the result will not be as good as two implants method

Effective implant placement method for two adjacent teeth loss cases

Missing multiple adjacent teeth: In this case, the number of implant fixtures can be less than the number of lost teeth to save costs. Note that the minimum number of implants must be carefully and accurately calculated to ensure that the chewing force does not overload the implants.

Effective implant placement method for multiple adjacent teeth loss cases

Complete teeth lost: This case can be treated with two implant placement methods:

- Placing from 6 to 10 implants, then fix dental crowns on top.

- Placing only 2 to 4 implants and then secure a denture on top.

Complete teeth lost should be treated with dental implants to restore the ability to eat, chew and cosmetic

These are the cases that should be treated with dental implant placement, apply to adults who have strong jaws, do not suffer from chronic diseases. For those who suffer from chronic dental erosion, diabetes, cancer, people with drinking and smoking habits, etc., doctors will not recommend dental implant placement because of the low success rate. Furthermore, it affects the health of the patient. In addition, an important aspect that you should not ignore is choosing a reputable implant center, ensuring the desired results.

Nhan Tam Dental Clinic - A reputable implant center

Dental implant placement is a complex procedure that requires highly qualified and experienced specialists. Moreover, machinery and equipment must be modern in order to bring optimal result. Therefore, not all dental clinic is up for the task.

Nhan Tam Dental Clinic is one of the implant centers that have earned trust from customers and patients both within and outside the country. Coming to the clinic, you will receive dental examination and consultation about when you should have implants.

The person who will directly perform dental implant placement is Dr. Vo Van Nhan - one of the first doctors in Vietnam who performed implant placement. He is also one of the four doctors in the world who performed the two most difficult implant techniques (lower-jaw nerve repositioning and zygomatic implants) on the same patient and as well as many other complex implant placement cases.

Dr. Vo Van Nhan performing dental implant at Nhan Tam Dental Clinic

Implant placement results for congenital teeth lost patients

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