Dental crown treatment is a popular dental restoration. In addition to the benefit of crown treatment, the warranty policy of such treatment is also a major concern. The detailed Nhan Tam dental clinic will help you be more at ease in choosing this service.

This warranty apply to:

All customers who had cosmetic porcelain crown treatment at Nhan Tam Dental Clinic

Warranty method:

 Warranty card

 Online warranty

Warranty duration



Titanium porcelain crowns7 years
All-porcelain (no CAD/CAM) crowns9 years
All-porcelain (CAD/CAM E.max) crowns, veneers10 years


 For titanium crown: If the crown cracked, broke, fell out, etc, patient will have another crown or repair completely free in the first 2 years, 20% discount for the 3rd year and 10% discount after the 4th year.

 For all-porcelain (no CAD/CAM) crown: If the crown cracked, broke, fell out, etc, the patient will have another crown or repair completely free within the first 4 years, a 20% discount for the 5th year and a 10% discount after the 6th year.

 For all-porcelain (CAD/CAM E.max) crown, veneer: If the crown cracked, broke, fell out, etc, the patient will have another crown or repair completely free within the first 5 years, a 20% discount for the 6th year and a 10% discount after the 7th year.


 Warranty is applied when

 Patient attend at Nhan Tam Dental Clinic

 The crown is broken, cracked, deformed or fell out

 Has a valid warranty card within the warranty duration

 Warranty is not applied when

 Patient do not follow doctor’s instruction

Improper oral-hygiene and regular smoking

 Patients do not have regular check up every 6 months

 Has bruxism without using a night guard

 Injury due to accidents, sport

 Teeth chipped due to chewing hard foods like bone, ice, opening beer bottles, etc.

 Natural degeneration

 Unplanned root canal treatment

 Change teeth shape, color after agreeing on fixed crown placement

 Cases with interference from other clinics before coming to Nhan Tam Dental Clinic

 New medical conditions appeared, negatively affect dental condition after the procedure done at the clinic such as diabetes, osteoporosis, cancer radiotherapy, epilepsy, etc.

 Doing crowns following patient’s requirement (despite being warned against by the doctor that it can easily fall out, broken, not durable, etc.).


After crown treatment, the trimmed teeth might experience sensitivity and the gum in the same area can feel uncomfortable (due to the crowns sitting on top), etc. However, these sensations will gradually subside.

Also, patients might feel like something is missing at the crown area (lost teeth area). To reduce these sensations as well as prolonging the crown durability, patients should pay attention to the following:

  Do not chew within 60 minutes after crown attachment.

  The first 2 days after crown attachment, the patient should eat soft food, remember to chew slowly and softly.

 After that, the patient can eat normally but try to avoid chewing food that is too hard (ice, bone, etc.)

  Brush normally, do not refrain from brushing onto the crown. Use dental floss after a meal to maintain dental hygiene, protecting the gum and the real teeth underneath the restoration.

If there is the feeling of obstruction or jaw misalignment when biting the 2 teeth together, please return to the clinic for adjustment, do not keep chewing on the crown as it can be cracked open.

 Visit the clinic periodically for tartar removal, protecting the crowns and the entire dental system.

Visit the clinic periodically every 6 months to protect the crown and dental health

Those are the warranty terms and conditions of dental crown service at Nhan Tam dental clinic. If you require a reputable dental clinic with a long-term warranty policy then Nhan Tam is one of the best choices for you.

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