Why do not teeth fall off to permanently grow?

Date: 31/05/2018 / Author: Mr Hiếu

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Hi, I'm 19 years old. All permanent teeth are full enough that only one canine tooth on the left side is still a baby tooth. This tooth is small and shorter than the other teeth, looks very deviant and bad so every time I laugh it is very natural and self-deprecating because it still has milk teeth. Now that tooth has been shaken. Consult your doctor about why your baby's tooth does not fall off so that your teeth are permanently growing and how you handle it now. Sincerely thank the doctor! 

(Thu Hien - Ha Tinh)

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 Hi Thu Hien, thank you for your trust and sharing with us. Inquiries Why do not your baby teeth fall off to permanently grow your teeth, Dental Center will answer specific questions for you as follows:

 On regular dental crowns, the teeth on the upper canine teeth are replaced by permanent teeth when you are 11 years old. But for some reason this tooth does not fall and it will remain on the teeth for some time to fall.

 The reason is that the milk does not fall mainly due to permanent teeth do not grow up. By the time the teeth are replaced, the baby teeth will gradually shake because the tooth root permanently grows up below. At any given time, permanent teeth will push the abscess completely without the need for any surgical intervention.


 However, in some cases, because your teeth do not grow permanently, your baby 's teeth can not fall out. If you are 19 years old, the ability of the toothless tooth is not caused by the permanent teeth that grow up underneath, your highest possibility is that you absolutely do not have any permanent teeth underneath.

 The quickest way for you to test it is to go to the dentist for a film test. In this situation you need to determine that you can not sustain it permanently. In addition, your teeth are already showing signs of tooth swing this sooner or later will fall off. Therefore, it is best if you want to fix it based on the tooth.

 The corrective action is that you can extract your teeth to grow new teeth for the position of the canine teeth in harmony with the size of the other teeth on the jaw. Or wait a few more years, when the tooth fell off, then replant the new teeth in this position.

 The best solution to the problem of permanent tooth loss is to implant the implant. Implant is one of the greatest scientific achievements in dental history, helping to restore the lost teeth in both aesthetic and functional way. Dental implants are Titanium cylinders implanted into the jaw bone to replace missing teeth. Implant dentures have both crowns and crowns so it is like real teeth. This solution has many advantages to suit your situation:

 No real teeth grinding (Classic Teeth Grinding technique to make abutment and 15% grinding teeth will damage marrow)

 Prevents bone loss in the teeth, keep the muscular force on the face, lips and cheeks are not dipped in, do not deform the face, keep the aesthetic and youthful.

 Taste does not change, patients still feel the food is soft or hard, hot or cold, sour or sweet, spicy or not spicy, ..., help eat more delicious.

 Limit gingivitis, tooth decay, ...

Complete restoration of the whole body and the root, coinciding with the real teeth in size ratio and the grooves on the tooth surface, especially the chewing surface. Sturdy, durable dental crowns help to ensure that chewing food is the same as real teeth

 The teeth are durable, long lasting, even permanent, but the restoration time is reduced to a maximum of 3 to 4 weeks and only takes 15 minutes to place each root in the jaw bone.

 These values ​​have been proven by thousands of implants, rehabilitation and cosmetic implants, which are highly valued by dentists in Nhan Tam dentistry. Hope the information we just shared helps you answer the question why the tooth does not fall out to permanent teeth grow up and soon to fix specific. Wish you soon find a confident smile and a healthy teeth.


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