How long does it take to wear Braces ?

Date: 08/07/2018 / Author: Mr Tân

"How long does it take to wear Braces?" is the question that many people are interested in when choosing to use this method to the orthodontist. In fact, it is not possible to give an exact answer to this question because the braces time lapse depends on many factors.

 The case should braces

 Aesthetic braces are effective at Nhan Tam dentistry

Braces are a method of dental aesthetics are popular with many people

What are the factors affect the braces time lapse?

After getting braces, many people wonder why their braces time lapse is less or longer than the others. In fact, there is no average time for anyone because this duration of time base on many factors.

 Age: According to experts, the best age for braces is from 9 to 14 years old. This is the time when the bone and chewing muscle can change and recover quickly so the treatment will be ideal, shorten the braces time lapse. After this age range, we can still brace, but maybe longer. 

The best age for braces is 9-14 years

 Oral condition: In the case, your teeth have too many defects requiring the complex treatment, so your braces journey will be certainly longer.  Besides that, when you have some dental diseases such as tooth decay, periodontitis, marrow inflammation, have to treat these diseases before starting to get braces, so treatment time will extend a little bit more. In addition, in cases that your teeth are too large, crossbite, or impacted teeth have to extract the tooth in order to make more space for the other tooth to move to the correct position of it.

 Eating habits: This is one of the main factors that decide the braces time lapse, on schedule or longer. When getting braces, you should limit the use of hard, tough, or limber food, avoid affecting the wire as well as buckets. Besides, you should decrease the sweets, sugary foods, starch because they can generate acids that cause tooth decay as well as gum disease.

Pay attention to your diet when wearing braces

 Quality of service: If you get your braces at a prestigious dental center with a team of excellent doctors, modern machinery, and equipment, advanced technology, dedicated customer care services ... your braces time lapse will significantly reduce.

What is a normal braces time lapse?

A normal braces journey begins when you start wearing your braces and end when you take it off, about 18-24 months. This period of time is divided into stages, including:

 Stage 1: Reposition the tooth, bring the tooth to the desired position (about 2-6 months)

 Stage 2: Continuing to move the teeth but at a slower pace. In cases that the patient has to extract their teeth before getting braces, the doctor will calculate and make appropriate adjustments to correct the teeth and tooth axis. ( About 3-6 months)

 Stage 3: Adjust the whole bite joints (about 6-9 months)

 Stage 4: remain the braces so that the teeth are familiar to the new position (about 3-6 months)

After 6months, many people thought that their teeth are straight and able to remove the braces. However, this is the rearrange time for your teeth, must continually wearing the braces and getting through all of the above stages.

A regular brace for 18-24 months

The children's braces time lapse is usually shorter, about 6 months, about 1 year for complex cases. Because they are in the growing-up period so the tooth movement is much easier than adults. In addition, most of the children cases do not have to extract the teeth or use supporting devices such as mini screws, elastic band ... so it will be much more simple. Therefore, when your child has many defects in their teeth. you should bring them to a prestigious and quality clinic to get examination and treatment.

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