Should be made porcelain veneers?

Date: 04/07/2018 / Author: Mr Tân

Straight, white perfect teeth is always a dream of many people. Unfortunately, not everyone has the change to have that privilege. If you are in the conditions such as gap teeth, tetracycline (an antibiotic) stained teeth, overbite, underbite,... in a mild level. Then think of the porcelain veneers solution to cover these disadvantages.

 Oral care after coating the porcelain for effective

 How does porcelain crown benefit you?

What's the special of porcelain veneers?

The porcelain veneer is a thin layer of porcelain, glued to the outer surface of the tooth, usually the incisors. With the ultra-thin structure, only 0.3mm, so it will help to minimize the grinding process. As a result, it avoids the phenomenon of pain, sensitivity to patients. Because of the thin porcelain veneers, it will help to bring the true color of the tooth.

Porcelain veneers with the ultra-thin structure help to restore the teeth naturally

Compared to the conventional porcelain crowns technique, doctors only grind a certain amount of teeth surface while pasting the porcelain veneers. This grinding layer is usually very thin like a nail polish layer, so it will not harm the teeth. At the same time, it can completely preserve the pulp and the inside of the real teeth.

Next, the doctor will attach the porcelain veneers to act as a beautiful outer coat, protect and shield the teeth. Thus, it guarantees the teeth aesthetic, keeps the real teeth, and preserves the eating function.

The porcelain veneers with the natural color as the enamel, good glossiness, and reflectivity 

Dr. Vo Van Nhan, Director of Nhan Tam Dental Center, said: "Grinding teeth is an ingenious step, which requires the doctor to have high skills and the support of the most modern machinery.  If the grinding teeth are not accurate, the real teeth will not match when pasting the porcelain veneers which relating to the infiltrate of saliva, food debris and causing tooth decay, bad breath, gingivitis.

Where making the porcelain veneers? 

With more than 20 years of operation, Nhan Tam Dental Center is the leading dental care, cosmetic and oral care in Vietnam. Nhan Tam dental center convergence skilled, experienced team of doctors who always delicate to the profession. Moreover, Nhan Tam dental center also has a modern medical equipment system that will bring the best quality dental care and orthodontic services to the customers.

Porcelain veneer maximize the teeth protection, ensure a comprehensive aesthetics

If you are in need of making porcelain veneers or porcelain crowns, fillings, denture removal, dental implant, teeth whitening ... please contact us at 1900.56.56.78 to get specific advice. Following the standard procedures of the Ministry of Health, so Nhan Tam Dental will certainly bring successful results to our customers.

At Nhat Tam Dental Clinic, porcelain veneer material is imported from overseas and is accredited the quality by FDA. This type of porcelain veneers is resistant to chewing force, no chipping, breakage, and durability for a long time. The color of the porcelain veneers is bright white as the real color of the teeth, thus ensuring a very high aesthetic.

To make porcelain veneer porcelain, Nhan Tam Dental Clinic uses the CAD / CAM technology, ensuring the size of porcelain face when correctly fixed with real teeth, in both color and shape.

Top dental experts claim that making porcelain veneers is the solution to help you quickly get your straight, shiny teeth,  without too much invasion of the tooth structure.


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