Wisdom teeth (Teeth No. 8) and unforeseen problems

Date: 01/06/2018 / Author: Ms Cẩm

In adults, permanent teeth grow up to 32, in which the teeth number 8 (also called wisdom teeth) consists of four four-cornered teeth in the upper and lower jaw. Wisdom teeth usually grow at the end of school age, but there are also cases of growing in adolescence.

 Teeth not deep but sensitive

 The process of dental pulp treatment

Teeth cases are common

The process of growing two upper teeth usually occurs normally. Two teeth wisdom lower jaw, because the branch and branch of the lower jaw bone is narrow, is hit by teeth number 7, so the process of growth is very complex. In addition, the wisdom teeth of the lower jaw or lateral (up, horizontal, straight to the teeth 7, back into the upper teeth of the lower teeth, sometimes turning to the outside or inside of the jaw bone). Due to the rise of the lower jaw and narrow anatomy of the lower jaw, teething causes complications.

Wisdom teeth and unforeseen problems

Teeth on the chewing surface, food in addition to the accumulation below the gums cover the chewing surface is a source of nutrients for bacteria to grow, also causes bad breath.

This tooth does not grow up because it is stuck to the leg and tooth number 7

In other cases occurring as wisdom teeth as: Teeth tilted to the cheeks or tongue makes cleaning of the chewing face becomes difficult, easy to face teeth chewing number 8 or teeth engorged in the bone. under, causing cavity complications

When the wisdom teeth grow, there is a sign that the gums inside the tooth 7 are filled up (although not painful or new pain), should go to the dental office X-ray dental number 8 to determine the direction of teeth, prognosis the growth of teeth.

- If the main root of the tooth (in the correct direction of the tooth) causes tooth insertion of the tooth 7, it is often used to cover the chewing surface and the trunk around the wisdom tooth, causing either gingivitis and stagnation of food, chronic inflammation of the teeth. . In this case, let your teeth grow. When the teeth grow out of the benefits of which are covered with a chewing surface, it is necessary to go to specialized dental clinics to deal with the number 8 teeth at each level.

Teeth blunt wisdom will cause painful prolonged pain and tooth damage next

- If the teeth deviate from the bow, depending on the direction of the wisdom tooth is called the offset, the internal deflection, deviation 45 - 90o. Teeth diffusion often have bad prognosis, it is necessary to perform spit early (because of spit when the consequences of wisdom teeth). Should spit at the hospital with specialized dentistry to ensure safety. Some dental clinics that deal with complications of wisdom teeth by removing the next 7 teeth (because of easy) are not correct, because it will affect the chewing ability of teeth without still addressing the cause. Later complications due to wisdom tooth displacement.

- If wisdom teeth grow out of the hole can cause chewing; If the tooth surface is 60-90o, will cause tooth decay number 7; If the deviation in the will damage the gum and jaw. These cases also have to remove wisdom teeth.

Dentures often do not work so clearly that when wisdom teeth cause complications, tooth extraction is essential. Of course, in many cases, periodontics can detect complications that can cause complications and can be removed immediately to avoid further complications.


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