Painless and safe implant placement

Date: 13/02/2020 / Author: Mr Tuấn

Implant placement is one of the most effective dental restoration methods to date. Implants can help restore both the crown and the root, meet the cosmetic and chewing function requirements like real teeth.

 Why should you choose Nhan Tam Dental Clinic for implant placements?

Completely at ease about the safety when treated directly by Dr. Vo Van Nhan - President of Nhan Tam Dental Clinic

Dental implant placement is considered the specialty of Nhan Tam Dental Clinic with more than thousands of successfully implant procedure.

Dr. Vo Van Nhan - Graduated Master Implant at UCLA - USA is the first person in Vietnam to successfully performed nerve reposition for dental implants. There are only 44 doctors in the world today who can perform this procedure. He is an expert in Implant surgery, gum-bone grafting surgery, restoration on implants and cosmetic dental crowns.

The first Vietnamese dentist to be invited as a scientific presenter at the international conference on oral-facial surgery and implants in Melbourne, Australia in 2015. He is currently a member of the International Dental Implant Association and an Implant lecturer at universities and hospitals.

Dr. Vo Van Nhan - the leading implant specialist in Vietnam

Implant placements at Nhan Tam Dental Clinic do not cause pain for patients during surgical operation

Dr. Vo Van Nhan has successfully utilized the leading technology of implant placement, the Piezotome ultrasonic surgery unit, which does not invade the nervous structures, sinus membrane, blood vessels. This is the difference between Nhan Tam Dental Clinic compared to other clinics, eliminating the fear of paint in most patients.

The ultrasonic surgery unit helps eliminate pain during surgery

Sturdy teeth and meet the cosmetic standard by using high-quality implants, genuinely imported

Nhan Tam Dental Clinic uses high-quality implants, imported from brands such as Nobel Active, Straumann Active, Nobel, Tekka, Kontact, Dentist, Neo Biocare. Along with the sterilizing process provide absolute safety, Nhan Tam Dental Clinic always ensures safety for implant procedures.

Things to note for a successful implant placement procedure

The implant is the most modern and optimal method to restore missing teeth from one to several teeth or complete teeth loss. However, not all clinic can well perform this complex technique. There is something to note for a successful implant placement procedure as follows:

1. Dental equipment and techniques meet standards

Equipped with 3D X-ray systems and implant placement software to accurately evaluate the condition of the jawbone, place the implant in the right position, ensuring safety and cosmetics after placement.

2. Doctors have high professional and technical skills

Implant placement is a complex technique, requiring doctors to have high expertise and many years of experience. How many complex cases have that doctor treated in order to satisfy all of the different complex requirements for each case?

3. Ensure hygiene and safety in sterilizing procedure

Ensure sterility during surgery, not only surgical instruments but also the environment of the operating room must be sterile.


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