Allo doctors: Q & A about periodontal disease

Date: 31/05/2018 / Author: Ms Trúc

Periodontal disease is actually a disease of the surrounding tissues. It is the main cause of tooth loss, affecting health and aesthetics. Need to understand the knowledge of periodontal disease for prevention as well as timely treatment.

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1. Question: What is periodontal disease?

Answer: Periodontal disease is an infection that damages the tissue surrounding the teeth

2. Question: What is the after-effects of this disease? 

Answer: If you do not treat the aftermath, most of the cases are patients who are missing teeth.

3. Question: Can periodontal disease be cured?

Answer: Treatable, but depending on severity, early treatment at a specialist, periodontal treatment will be a positive result.

4. Question: How? 

Answer: Early detection and early treatment

5. Question: What is the diagnosis of early stage disease? 

Answer: At the stage called gingivitis. At this stage, the disease does not destroy the deep tissue.

6. Question: How to identify and catch periodontal disease early

Answer: When bleeding gums. This is an early and valuable clinical sign for gum disease, so check with your dentist for immediate treatment.

7. Question: Does periodontal treatment hurt? 

Answer: With current treatment facilities it is not painful, has a temporary discomfort and a little teeth, but will recover normally afterwards.

8. Question: How to prevent periodontal disease?

Answer: Probably. To prevent periodontal disease effectively do the following: 
- Brush the teeth properly according to the instructions of the doctor after every meal on a daily basis. 

Periodontal shaving (every 6 months) because tartar is a favorable factor for plaque retention (plaque buildup), accumulation of pathogenic bacteria.

9. Question: What happens if gingivitis is left untreated?

Answer: Most cases of gum disease will turn to periodontitis . This is a severe stage of the disease, treatment is difficult, more expensive, more time.

10. Question: What are early signs of periodontal disease? 

Answer: This disease has the following symptoms: 

- Bone fractures are destroyed (only seen on x-ray film). 

- Periodontal pockets (dentist's face examined and evaluated). 

- deviation (patients can self-knowledge) 

- Gingival recession, root exudate (Patient can identify themselves)

11. Question: Can periodontitis be treated? 

Answer: Yes, but it must be done by a specialist, the results depending on the severity of periodontitis and the patient's cooperation.


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