Allo Doctors: Q & A about cosmetic fillings (P2)

Date: 31/05/2018 / Author: Mr Hiếu

Aesthetically pleasing cosmetic fillings help restore shape, even helping to cover some of the enamel contamination. A composite layer of the same color as the tooth surface is covered with a special adhesive in the dentist. Nha Tam Dental Center continues to consult and answer questions about cosmetic filler.

 Alo Doctors: Questions about cosmetic fillings (P1)

 Editing the teeth between the chanting is the best?


The results and methods may vary depending on the individual's condition

1. Two front teeth are two denture-type teeth to lock the root teeth, after a period of pain and swelling in the dentition area of ​​dentures, on the gingival side there is a small white protrusion, pressing at the sight. There is mucus yellow discharge, sometimes there is nothing. Buy pain medication and swollen, stop taking pain medicine and swollen again. Does such a long time have any consequences? Is there any treatment that does not remove the old dentures. 

Answer: According to the description, these two teeth have not been treated or treated but not satisfactory, resulting in complications of infection, forming a pus in the root of the tooth roots. Although oral medications may stop the pain for some time, this is very unlikely for many reasons: the disease can not be completely reversed if only by medication, the disease will recur many times, and the pus in the jaw will. It grows and can cause harm to healthy teeth in the neighborhood. Not to mention buying self medication (without a prescription) will lead to drug tolerance which makes it difficult to treat later. Therefore, you should go to the dental clinic for treatment as soon as possible.

In terms of wanting to treat but not destroying the dentures that have been done, this can be done by minor surgery, but it is the doctor's decision based on a specific dental condition (closure , color ...), general health as well as oral health to get the best treatment. 

2. I go to fillings, doctors often polish the teeth after filling. Is polishing necessary? 

Answer: Polishing should be done for the following reasons:

- Reduces the roughness of the contact between the teeth and fillings, as well as makes cleaning easier. 

- Reduces the chance of recurrence.

- Prevent dullness and increase the gloss of the seal to make it feel more comfortable. 

Thus, it takes more time, but polishing pads are necessary. 
Depending on the filling material, the polishing is done immediately (for composite filling) or after 24 - 48 hours (for amalgam filling).


The results and methods may vary depending on the individual's condition

3. Do I have a lot of Amalgam fillings in my mouth, please tell me if I need to replace them with other materials? Amalgam filling is safe? 

Answer: Amalgam is a filler that covers mercury with other metallic components such as silver, bronze, tin ... Amalgam is often used as a filler to fill the back teeth. Amalgam has been used successfully for more than 150 years and its quality has also increased over time.

4. If used properly and indicated, Amalgam filling is more durable and cheaper than some fillings. The suspicion of the safety of the amalgam filling is due to the presence of mercury. Is Amalgam filling safe for your health?

Answer: According to the World Health Organization (WHO) so far Amalgam is still considered a safe filling material. Currently, no screening test has shown that amalgam has adverse health effects, and there is no scientific proof that it is better to remove all amalgam fillings. mouth.  

So, if there are no special aesthetic requirements and if the amalgam fillings are still good then there is no need to replace them with other materials.  


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