Should wisdom teeth be extracted?

Date: 31/05/2018 / Author: Ms Trúc


Dear doctor, I'm 20 years old, is growing a wisdom tooth in the upper jaw, and quite painful from now until now. I see some papilla teeth on the gums are swollen red, so painful that it is difficult to open mouth and have to eat porridge many days. I would like to consult with a doctor on how to deal with this condition, and whether to remove the teeth no?

(Tran Thi Mai Huong - HCMC)


Hi Mai Huong!

Thank you for your trust and sharing with us. Inquiries: "Should your teeth wisdom extraction?", Nhan Tam dentist asked the following specific answers:

Should wisdom teeth be extracted?

 First, you should go to the dental clinic for specific information about your condition. In your case, there may be insufficient space for wisdom teeth to grow but are pinched by other teeth that cause pain and swelling of the gums.

Teeth deflated will tend to hit the next 7 teeth

 Wisdom usually grows between 17 and 25 years old when 28 teeth are full and stable on the jaw, and the jaw is almost fixed. Therefore, when wisdom teeth are often very painful, and because of growing difficulty, the time to grow must last. In many cases, it can take many years to complete new teeth. Each eruption of teeth, the patient will suffer a series of pain for several days. The characteristic of this pain is very different from normal toothache. Pain is usually accompanied by aching, swollen tissue around the teeth, swelling of the cheek. Even worse is an increase in body temperature, which causes fever, hardening of the jaw, and opening to chewing as usual.

Stinging teeth cause long-lasting pain that affects chewing and health

 Your symptoms show that wisdom teeth progression is occurring. You can take immediate relief from pain medication. The drug will work to lower the pain, jaw movement to eat normal. You will only get really sore when your teeth are fully grown.

 According to the Nhan Tam Dentist, most cases of wisdom teeth deviate, the teeth are not straight, sometimes grow back into the jaw bone. To accurately determine the need to be screened, seeing the naked eye can not know how the teeth. If the teeth become distorted, affecting other teeth as well as the process of oral hygiene, forced wisdom tooth extraction.

 If the teeth are deviated and reversed severely, the doctor will advise you to spit for the "health" of the other teeth. If the teeth are straight, in the correct position, the width at the location of growth is determined to be sufficient space for the tooth to rise completely can be maintained, as this tooth will no longer hurt and affect health. At this point, the decision to remove wisdom teeth will not be decided by you. Upper jaw teeth are more prone to spit than lower jaw teeth.


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