The recommended Braces cases

Date: 07/07/2018 / Author: Mr Tân

Braces are the method that reorganizes the bite joint helping teeth to grow straight and bringing a bright smile. Here are the cases of braces that you need to know.

 Types of braces today

 Aesthetic braces are effective at Nhan Tam dentistry

1. Impacted teeth

Impacted teeth are common, taking the highest rate of bite joint disorder. This is the condition of the teeth that grow out of the original position on the jaw, rise, indent or grow overlapping.

At Nhan Tam Dental Clinic, with proper technique and treatment plan for cases of crowded teeth, patients will be orthodontist with the goal of limiting tooth extraction, that brings the suitable cosmetic results to your face.

2. Overbite

Overbite is a condition that the upper teeth overlap the lower teeth, either because of the slower growth of lower teeth compared to the upper one, or the combination of two factors. When treating these cases, your doctor usually recommends extractions. Currently, with modern orthodontic techniques, the average period of braces is only 18-24 months, with a low rate of tooth extraction.

3. Underbite

The underbite is one of the most complex oral defects, affecting the aesthetic as well as the function of the teeth. The cause is that the lower teeth develop too much, either the slower development of the upper teeth or combining 2 of these factors. Normally, underbite could lead to the reverse bite ( the lower incisors overlap the upper incisors) or anterior bite (the margin of the upper incisors touch the lower)

Bracing the underbite teeth is only effective when the cause of the underbite teeth is due to teeth and in a mild level. When underbite cause jaw bone. There need to use the jaw adjust operation method.

4. Gap teeth

Gap teeth are the condition of not enough teeth or the distance between 2 teeth is too far apart. This condition occurs when there is the teeth moving phenomenon( tooth loss consequence ) or the teeth is too small compared to the jaw bone. Gap teeth mainly occur in the upper teeth, especially incisors, causing unattractive when communicating.

In the case of gap teeth, the braces are the most durable and corrective solution, helping the teeth move closer together more uniformly on the jaw with a specialized dental instrument.

5.Deep bite

The upper incisors too much overlap the lower incisors. The lower teeth will damage the soft tissue on the inside of the upper teeth, causing permanent damage to oral health.  In addition, the incisors in this position restrict the movement of the lower jaw, difficult to eat chewing and easily lead to disorganize the TMJ joint.

6. Open bite

This is the state of the teeth do not touch each other in the joint center when biting, causing difficulty when eating, pronunciation, and also worn down the teeth because of the excessive force. The open bite can be caused by bad habits like sucking fingers, pushing the tongue.

7. Crossbite

Crossbite is the condition that there is no symmetry of the teeth as well as intercostal between the upper and lower teeth( the mismatch of the upper teeth and the lower one). In addition, the contact between the upper and lower teeth do not reach the good standard, so it affects the force creating process when chewing.

8. Snaggletooth

In some countries, Snaggletooth is the factor that increases your charm while laughing, makes the opposite feel friendly and pleasant. When the snaggletooth is healthy, shiny, do not see the black border in the gums, do not interfere with oral hygiene, you may not need braces to reorganize to the correct position. However, if the snaggletooth is oblique on the jaw, causes losing the aesthetic, or show out as the " rabbit teeth", then you should brace your teeth to gain straight teeth, better bite joint, bite axis, and oral hygiene every day.

There are the recommended bracing cases. Please contact Nhan Tam Dental Clinic for more details and free consultants.


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